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Simon Frost joins as our CTO for Electric Miles

We are super EXCITED to announce Simon Frost has joined us as Chief Technology Officer. He has 20+ years experience in IoT, Cloud, web and mobile solutions and was CTO for many startups (Six3, BuffaloGrid, Ome) and Technical Architect for BBC iPlayer.

While getting to know Simon we asked him:

1. What do you find exciting about EM?
Working at the intersection of two hard problems to get to our carbon-neutral future; optimising the cost but also balancing grid demand and carbon intensity.

2. Why are you excited about EVs?
I’m reminded of the transition of computing power from the desktop to the pocket. A simpler vehicle architecture will allow us to develop new ideas.

3. What’s your secret skill?
I’m a bit of a food geek and I love to study things to their extreme. I did the sourdough bread thing like many during the lockdown, but that’s lead me to start making my own Soy Sauce and Miso!



Regional Winner for the South of England region of the Super Connect for Good Competition