Our Core Solutions

Electric Miles is capturing contemporary EV charging market, by providing seamless solutions and like Consumer Smart, Business Smart, Fleet Smart, Energy Flexibility, and Installer Experience.

Electric Miles at Your Service

Electric Miles is a B2B SaaS service, working with energy participants to improve the customer experience and add value. EM works with partners across the EV Market.

Energy Supplier / Traders

EM integrates supplier tariff structures to optimise charging time for end user. It Can be white label to supplier and could form part of VPP.

Changepoint Manufacturers

EM software provides leading services to add into the charger. It also Removes need for complicated software development, and OCPP compliant, technology agnostic

Local Grid Operators

While working with partners across the EV market, EM Local grid operators responds to signals to change charge profile to avoid constrained period.

Electric Miles services integrate into the whole energy ecosystem

Joining the elements of the value chain together in an automated, efficient process. EV charging is scheduled around whole  market input and customers get what they want automatically 

Intelligent Optimization

Joining the elements of the value chain together in an automated, efficient process


Local Grid

Supply Tariffs


Comsumer Smart

Smart charging allows network operators to optimize energy flow into EVs. You can intelligently manage how your electric vehicle charges by connecting it to the grid through electric miles.


Manage chargepoints remotely

  • Charging Analysis
  • Optimise installed chargers
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Firmware updates
  • Charging station remote maintenance
  • Remote Diagnostics of all chargers
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Manage and control charging

  • IOS & Android app
  • Smart Charging on Offpeak Tariffs
  • Start/Stop & Schedule charging
  • EV Tariff Integration
  • Tariff switching (Q1 2022)
  • Demand side response (Q1 2022)
  • Public charging Maps
  • View Charging History


Commission any OCPP chargers

  • IOS & Android app
  • WIFI Commissioning
  • Load Management Setting
  • Installer Account
  • History of Installs
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Fully Automated charging

  • Calendar trips Integration
  • Solar Matching
  • Vehicle Integration (all Vehicle))
  • Full energy Tariff Integration
  • Flexibility Rewards
  • Two EVs at Home
  • V2H, V2B, X2G, V2G
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Business Charging

Electric Miles makes EV adoption easier and cheaper for Fleet Operators by implementing an intelligent charging software to ensure the right vehicle has the right charge, at the right time. We are registered as the SMART charging aggregator to provide demand side response capabilities to the local DSO flexibility market and through ancillary service to National Grid.

Fleet Charging as a Service

Electric Miles is the only full-service electric vehicle charge software in the market. Fleet driver has personalised app for their journey and route management, where they can track their usage and savings on dashboards. Check out more about Fleet charging service.

Avoid expensive Grid upgrade cost to allow multiple EV charging at your premise. Extensive charge session data collection and reporting.

Fully optimised schedule integration with your fleet diaries for automated charge management. Expense reconciliation and reimbursement for return to home drivers who fuel at home.

Reduce your fleet charging cost by over 40% - and reduce your OPEX overall and free up your fleet operator time to do other activities.

Maximise your fleet charging on off peak tariffs; we will ensure you are continuously on the best tariffs with our technology. Integration with any on-site solar generation to maximise use of free renewable energy.

Electric Miles has built the Charging Nervous System to make EV charging seamless for everybody

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