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Mark Hardwick joins as our Full-stack Developer

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mark Hardwick who is our new full-stack developer. Mark started out his career on the Tesco graduate scheme as a backend developer in Java. He then became the first Tech hire for Ome, and later joined District Technologies as a full stack developer. In 2019 he started Designibl Ltd to develop a hospitality app for the digital guest book experience on personalising holidays based on group makeup data.

As you’ve probably guessed, we wanted to know more about Mark and his vision of the future of EV and asked him:
1. What do you find exciting about Electric Miles?
The opportunity to shape how we think about electric cars, taking people from range anxiety to never having to think about fuelling your car again whilst saving you money and being green is incredible. Achieving that objective is impressive enough, whilst also balancing grid pressure so that we can move forward with electric car adoption without delay. It is great to have the opportunity to create a massively positive impact on such a fast-growing sector.

2. Why are you excited about EVs?
With the switch over to EV’s the opportunity for cars to get better over time rather than being a snapshot of technology. I think we will see cars performing like never before and becoming more adaptive to individual needs.

3. What’s your secret skill?
I’m incredibly detail orientated and constantly pick up new technologies to be as adaptable as possible. I have been learning to 3d model during the lockdown and have started to recreate my house in order to plan its renovation.

Welcome to the family Mark!

Mark Hardwick

Regional Winner for the South of England region of the Super Connect for Good Competition