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Electric Miles Charging

We have built a plug and play OCPP compliant platform for 
charger manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, installers, utilities
and grid operators to help scale the mass EV rollout.
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Our Core
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Electric miles will deliver decarbonisation
of energy through simplifying customer
experience by providing seamless
integration and management of the
growing complexity within the
Energy ecosystem.

Smart Charging for Consumer

Using our intelligent data-driven cloud platform that connects to your charger at home to deliver an automated charging experience for EV drivers to deliver savings and hassle free charging.

EV Grid Demand Flexibility

Our optimisation tool matches EV charging needs to your local grid constraint wherever possible as part of Smart charging schedule to ensure charging happens at the right time for the ecosystem.

Smart Fleet Charging

Utilise our Fleet charging as a service cloud platform to support your EV fleets in intelligently charging the vehicles by optimising on your schedule, whether this is on the company premises or at workers’ homes.

Installer Commissioning

Our Installer App will simplify the EV charger installation which is the first step towards Smart charging, we will ensure with our seamless app the devices are commissioned efficiently and are internet connected before you leave the site.

Consumer Smart

The UK government has mandated that by 2030 all-new car sales must be EVs. The expected 9 million EVs in the UK will increase grid demand by 30% and residential peak by 100%. Without a solution like Electric Miles, this growth is unsustainable and Hardware charger manufacturers often do not have the necessary software capability and EM is able to partner with them to provide this service.


Manage chargepoints remotely

  • Charging Analysis
  • Optimise installed chargers
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Firmware updates
  • Charging station remote maintenance
  • Remote Diagnostics of all chargers


Manage and control charging

  • IOS & Android app
  • Smart Charging on Offpeak Tariffs
  • Start/Stop & Schedule charging
  • EV Tariff Integration
  • Tariff Switching
  • Public charging Maps
  • View Charging History


Commission any OCPP chargers

  • IOS & Android app
  • WIFI Commissioning
  • Load Management Setting
  • Installer Account
  • History of Installs
  • .
  • .


Fully Automated charging

  • Calendar trips Integration
  • Solar Matching
  • Vehicle Integration (all Vehicle)
  • Full energy Tariff Integration
  • Flexibility Rewards
  • Two EVs at Home
  • V2H, V2B, X2G, V2G
  • .

Business Charging

Electric Miles makes EV adoption easier and cheaper for Fleet Operators by implementing an intelligent charging software to ensure the right vehicle has the right charge, at the right time. We are registered as the SMART charging aggregator to provide demand side response capabilities to the local DSO flexibility market and through ancillary service to National Grid.

The Future is Smart...are you ready?

If you are a Chargepoint Manufacturer or Reseller, we can help you get compliant before the June 2022 deadline. The Government has outlined the following to be expected under the AEV Act regulations. The rules will apply to private (domestic and workplace) chargepoints 50 kW or below. The rules will apply to the sale of chargepoints, rather than installation, and will be enforced by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (“OPSS”). The following requirements will be contained in the regulations:

Interested in Partnering with Electric Miles? helps support some of the UK's leading charger manufacturers in their compliance with the UK's smart Charging regulation. If you would like to know more about what can do for your business then please get in touch today.

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Do you have fleets or workplace charger on these location?

Plug and Play your EVs on the Grid

Electric miles can guide you exactly about the fleets and workplaces where you find charger easily. Explore and find out your nearest location to get your charger now. Electric Miles is the 1st Smart Charging company to have secured Energy Flexibility Contracts with 3 DSOs, you can now participate by searching and registering below your EV asset with us to help balance the grid and earn monies…

What is Smart
charging the EM way?

Electric miles is your one stop costing saving, wide tariff switching, and grid flexibility provider.

We integrate with popular chargers brands and EVs

Electric miles will deliver decarbonization of energy through simplifying customer experience by providing seamless integration and management of the growing complexity within the Energy ecosystem.

Electric Miles has built the Charging Nervous System to make EV charging seamless for everybody

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