Electric Miles

Installer Experience

Seamless Installer Experience

Our goal is to make installation easier, simpler, and smarter. Seamless Technology making it, now, much easier and simplifying the installation process.

Electric Miles Installer App

The Installer Miles app to simplify installation

Electric Miles wants to build the Charging Nervous System and make charging seamless and easy with intelligent charging software for electric vehicle owners and charge point manufacturers.

Easy installation

Step by step simple to follow commissioning and installation of electric cars chargers.

Load management

Set up either dynamic or static charger load management so electricity is accurately distributed and charging happens at full volume whenever there’s enough capacity.

Charger connectivity

With a few easy steps bring the charger online by configuring either Wi-FI or Ethernet.

Friendly handover

Send an email when the installation and commissioning of the charger is complete.

See Electric Miles in Action

Request a 1:1 live demo and see all features of Electric Miles backend and mobile app.

Need an EV Charging Consultant?

Schedule a 30 minutes consultation with our experts and discuss EV charging business model.

Become a Electric MIles partner

We are looking for strategic partners in the EV charging sector and will be happy to talk with you.