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Climate change and local air pollution are everyone’s problems. Electric vehicle will help solve these problems, however Electric vehicle drivers use twice as much electricity as the average household with big challenges with uncontrolled charging costs. Electric Miles is offering Electric charging solution for Electric vehicles in the form of automated charging mobile app which charges your electric vehicle at the lowest cost.

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The Future of Automated Charging is Here

At Electric Miles, we connect drivers with an effortless, automated charging mobile app which builds upon the electric vehicle chargers by our close partner, Project EV. We are Octopus Agile ready.

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The Electric Miles Mobile App

We are continuously refining our innovative, charging mobile app to ensure you get the cheapest, cleanest and most efficient EV charge in the UK.

Our EV charging mobile app will monitor the most cost-effective charging times, saving users up to 40% per charge.

Our mobile app will monitor the most cost-
effective charging times, saving users up to 40% per charge.

The Electric Miles Beta App is Available Now!

Our mobile app is available to our beta users who can seamlessly connect their EV, charger, energy supplier and calendar so Electric Miles can automate your charge and charge you at the lowest cost once your electric vehicle is plugged-in.

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Regional Winner for the South of England region of the Super Connect for Good Competition