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The Electric Miles app for seamless everyday charging

Plug in today. Drive tomorrow.

Electric Miles Services integrates into the whole energy ecosystem

Joining the elements of the value chain together in an automated, efficient process. EV charging is scheduled around whole  market input and customers get what they want automatically 

Intelligent Optimization

Joining the elements of the value chain together in an automated, efficient process.


Local Grid

Supply Tariffs


The Electric Miles Solution

Electric Miles has developed the most intelligent and seamless EV charging software in the UK with patent pending schedule technology providing cheaper, cleaner and more efficient EV charging.

Cost Savings

Lowers electric vehicle charge cost by automating charging during off-peak times.

Hardware Agnostics

We are OCPP compliant, which is now mandated, to integrate with your chargepoints seamlessly.

Car Integration

Talk to your EV wirelessly to deliver smart charging services that help drivers save money.

Aggregated Grid Flexibility

API into your local grid to match EV charging with Grid needs to generate cash revenue & keep the Grid clean and green.

Battery level

Read the state of charge of your battery real time for supported car manufactures.

History and Map Services

View how, when and by how much you’ve charged your car and fi nd public charge points near you.

Charge now

Instantly charge your car, as much as you want, when you want based on energy, cost or duration.

Smart Charge

Set your car to charge smart the way you like it. Choose between several charging types. This includes charging by off-peak hours or by setting a spending cap to have your car charged on time.

Features coming soon to ease everyday charging*

Solar based charging

Match charging needs to the output of your solar panels.

Charge multiple cars

Match charging needs to the output of your solar panels.


Partnering with sustainability retailers to offer exciting rewards to you.

Flex charging

Earn benefits by helping the environment and the grid.


Manage chargepoints remotely

  • Charging Analysis
  • Optimise installed chargers
  • Firmware updates
  • Charging station remote maintenance
  • Remote Diagnostics of all chargers
  • Reporting and Analytics


Manage and control charging

  • IOS & Android app
  • Smart Charging on Offpeak Tariffs
  • Start/Stop & Schedule charging
  • EV Tariff Integration
  • Tariff Switching
  • Public charging Maps
  • View Charging History


Commission any OCPP chargers

  • IOS & Android app
  • WIFI Commissioning
  • Load Management Setting
  • Installer Account
  • History of Installs
  • .
  • .
  • .


Fully Automated charging

  • Calendar trips Integration
  • Solar Matching
  • Vehicle Integration (all Vehicle included)
  • Full energy Tariff Integration
  • Flexibility Rewards
  • Two EVs at Home
  • V2H, V2B, X2G, V2G

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