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Electric Miles signs partnership with Pozitive to help fleet operators reach net zero carbon more quickly

September 7, 2021

Date – 7th September 2021 Two leading innovators in the energy world are joining forces to develop radical new products to help operators of electric vehicle (EV) fleets cut costs and reduce their carbon footprints. Pozitive Energy and Electric Miles have agreed on a partnership deal and will now work together to bring innovations to […]

Beta launch day 🚀

August 6, 2021

Date – 6th August 2021 Today we’re unlocking a new way to charge our users smarter by integrating with the largest car manufacturers in the world. Get in touch to hear how we can support your drivers to charge smarter. Supported car manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Kia, Mini, Nissan, Renault and Tesla

Electric Miles helps develop smart grid for system operators and energy suppliers

June 3, 2021

Date – 28th May 2021 UK Power Networks (UKPN), the Distribution System Operator (DSO), has chosen Electric Miles to help deliver its smart grid that will increase the resilience of the network. UKPN has awarded energy capacity contracts worth £30 million to 17 innovators in the energy, tech and car sector, including Electric Miles, making […]

Electric Miles welcomes the Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM’s green plan.

November 19, 2020

Date – 18th November 2020 The ban had been planned for 2040 but has been brought forward by a decade through Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan to tackle climate change. This is tremendous for the EV industry, and we welcome the law for the UK car market, and we will be ready to support millions of […]

Great prospect for Electric Miles as we trial our V1G in preparation for V2G

August 26, 2020

During lockdown, Demand was 15-20 per cent lower than normal, and Grid had to work much harder to keep the system stable. It is paying distributed generators to stop exporting renewables on to the system as well as paying batteries and businesses to use more power – a service EVs could readily deliver.   Vehicle-to-grid: Where’s the […]

Amazon has committed itself to making all Amazon shipments CO2-neutral by 2040

August 9, 2020

Date: 9th Aug 2020 Great Work Amazon “As part of the Climate Pledge, Amazon has committed itself to making all Amazon shipments CO2-neutral by 2040. In addition to the 100,000 electric delivery vehicles that we have already ordered from the US manufacturer Rivian, we are also using local partnerships to get other emission-free vehicles on the […]

Regional Winner for the South of England region of the Super Connect for Good Competition