Electric Miles is looking for Tesla or EV drivers and friendly users to test the connectivity and use our web app on our proprietary solution to automate your charge, based on your energy tariff and low carbon grid points by machine learning on your schedule and preferences.

Using our platform, you can:

EV drivers

  • Save on electricity bills by charging smartly (we estimate upto 40% savings)
  • Recommendation on the best Home Energy tariffs, and we do the switch for you to put you on the best tariffs.
  • Get cash incentive by being flexible during grid constraints with our contracts with the local grid.
  • Reduce carbon emission and earn loyalty points
  • Track your usage and savings on dashboards
  • Expense reconciliation for Company Car drivers

Fleet Operators:

  • Avoid expensive Grid upgrade cost for over £50K to allow multiple EV charging at your premise
  • Fully optimised schedule integration with your fleet diaries for automated charge management
  • Maximise your fleet charging on off peak tariffs; we will ensure you continuously on the best tariffs with our technology.
  • Reduce your fleet charging cost by over 40% - and reduce your OPEX overall and free up your fleet operator time to do other activities.
  • Fleet driver personalised app for their journey and route management, where they can track their usage and savings on dashboards.
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