We are
Electric Miles

Born to Making Charging better

At Electric Miles – we are here to solve the problem caused by mass scale EV charging as 9m EVs going to be on UK road – and 80% of today’s charging is on-demand which is going to lead to an electricity crisis like the fuel crisis we saw recently.

Why we are Different?

Electric Miles is a B2B SaaS company providing EV charging software to charger manufacturers, installers, electricity suppliers and commercial EV fleets. As EV numbers increase, there is a growing need for software that can automatically time shift EV electricity demand to protect the grid and minimize customer energy costs. Hardware charger manufacturers, Energy Suppliers, Car OEMs often do not have the necessary software capability and EM is able to partner with them to provide this service.


Our Mission

Electric Miles will deliver decarbonisation of Energy through simplifying customer experience by providing seamless integration and management of the growing complexity within the Energy ecosystem

Our Promise

As a startup, we will continue to challenge the industry to push it limits and stay obsessed with solving the problem around charging and make it seamless and ready for mass market adoption.

Our Essence

At our core, EM is here to make charging better, at home or for fleets.

Our Vibe

At Electric Miles, we make great digital products for EVs. We imagine it, and then do it together, every day re-inventing what’s possible.

UN sustainable Goals EM is aiming to achieve

Electric miles is aiming to achieve the UN sustainable goals provided by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Our Story

Founded in 2019, by Arun Anand, a serial entrepreneur, EV driver, greenpreneur, and an Engineer, and passionate about building an Internet of Energy solution for Electric Miles with 15 years’ experience in the Energy Sector.

Arun Anand founded the business back in 2017 while he was still doing consultancy work with the Big 6. Having been frustrated at not being able to automate and optimise the charging of his EV, Arun kicked off few months of R&D, before starting development in 2019. Arun started with a proof-of-concept using his own EV and a home charger from the back of his garage using a developer resource. Once the concept was proven, Arun built relationship with his home charger manufacturer Project EV for a pilot, and since then scaled it with multiple charger manufacturers.

Our Team

Arun Anand

Founded & CEO

Robin Crowther

Chief Operating Officer

George Donoghue

NED & Investor

David Strain

NED & Investor

Shilpa Sikotra

Head of Products

Heather Galvin

Head of Customer Success

Stuart Lloyd Evans

Head of Commercials & Grid Services

Neil Terry

Financial Consultant

Mike Donoghue

Cyber Security Advisor

Braj Sengar

Head of Technology

Alessa Calonico

Senior Digital Designer

Nikhil Jain

Software Developer 

Manoj Rajendram

Dev Ops Lead

Garry Douglas -Beet

Growth Advisor

Beski Franklin

Software Developer


Software Developer

Khushal Bajje

Growth Advisor

Regional Winner for the South of England region of the Super Connect for Good Competition