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Electric Miles Charging as a Service

Electric Miles is the only full-service Electric Vehicle charge software in the current market.

Cost Savings
Lowers Electric Vehicle charge costs
SMART Intelligent Charging
Automatically manage your charging needs
Journey Route Management
Integrate with your calendar to determine charge needs
Demand Side Response Flexibility
Shift Charge schedule adjustments to the Local Grid

Electric Miles software provides an intelligent charging service to both users and fleets

Electric Vehicle Charging Problems

The electric vehicle (EV) market is expected to grow 28% by the year 2030, bringing more than 11M units into the United Kingdom. However, the UK has one of the highest costs of electric vehicle charging, placing it in the top ten worldwide. Regulations require that there will be a ban of new petrol or diesel sales by 2035, and Fleets need to electrify 4 out of 10 to EVs¹.

Current market problems:

30%Peak grid demand will surge within 10 years due to scale of electric vehicle charging
Relies on manual input and charging 4 out of 5 EV owners pay over 60% extra in bills by using standard charging methods over intelligent charging.
80%Of today’s charging is on-demand, leading to uncapped charge bills, and inefficient usage.
Uncapped costs, not optimised for tariff The National Grid is suffering from uncontrolled EV charging, costing an additional £3B/year. Grid companies are paying EV users to embrace intelligent charging.
85%of fleet or public charging costs are linked to Grid investment and Operations costs.
Massive grid investments are required if we are not intelligently charging For Fleet Charging to grow and match the demand, £16 billion investments are required for new transformers and grid lines until 2024 for EU and US, including a wait time of over a year.

Electric Miles Software

Electric Miles software provides an intelligent charging service to users and fleets.

Seamless sign up and self serve registration process
Select the type of account you need
Our AI algorithm Monitors real time tariff data, grid intensity, upcoming journey needs, and selects best fractional aggregates for low overall charge costs
Manage multi-vehicle fleet charging with a click of buttons, with our software hawking over your load management to ensure we put the right charge on the right vehicle at the right time.
Track your usage and savings on dashboards
Manage all your trips by integrating your personal or business trips automatically to plan your charging and for full journey management
We automate your charge based on AI algorithmic schedule

Everything for your Electrification needs

We can help if you are:

Personal EV

Subscription based model for personal EV drivers of Tesla, Nisan etc. models to wirelessly connect to your EVs or Home Chargepoint for automated intelligent charging

Return to Home Commercial EV

Subscription based model for your return to home EVs to give you that peace of mind that your vehicle will be charged to your work schedule at the lowest possible cost. You can also expense your EV charging with easy to export templates.

Fleet Operators

A complete Chargepoint Management system to fully optimise your fleet operation to ensure you avoid expensive grid upgrade costs and reduce your OPEX spend with our Fleet Charging as a Service.

Charge Point Manufacturers

As a manufacturer and operator, you are looking for an increase in sales of your boxes, and a medium for monthly recurring revenue from your installed assets. We can help you achieve both, using our Tech platform you can use our customer-facing app, or we can white label the solution for you.

Energy Suppliers

For Energy Suppliers, adding an EV is like adding another house to your portfolio, our platform will integrate your tariffs and optimise the charge automatically for EV drivers or Fleet operators. It will help you to retain these high-value customers successfully.

DSO and NG

We are the only EV specialist aggregator to help the UK achieve the ambition of electrification of the transport network. We are here to decongest the local and national network and hence overall reduce the carbon intensity of the grid.

The Importance of Intelligent Charging - EM way

We've put together a handy video to explain how we carry intelligent charging using AI for a better sustainable future

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Our Partners and Association

Short Survey to prepare for UK's EV Roadmap

We want our next generation product to meet your critical needs. We would love to hear as an EV driver how you currently charge, so that we deliver a solution to cater your needs


Who are we?

Electric Miles is a cleantech company developing the world's most intelligent Internet of Energy (IoE) electric vehicle charging solution. We connect EV assets and home batteries with the best computer intelligence to help users save energy costs, be more efficient, and reduce overall energy. Using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, our platform selects the most intelligent charging schedule combining low tariffs, vehicle journey needs, and a low carbon footprint, and automatically initiates and terminates vehicle charging to reduce user inefficiency that drives up costs. The National Grid is facing increasing and significant stress due to the massive electrification of our transportation fleets. The various grid companies offer flexible contracts to demand-side aggregators such as Electric Miles to solve this problem. This is a £3Bn market.

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Electric Miles was crowned as the Regional Winner for the South of England region of the Super Connect for Good Competition

Date: 15/11/2021 Congratulations to Electric Miles for being crowned our Regional Winner for the #South of #England region of the Super #Connect for Good Competition powered by Empact Ventures & Hays Electric Miles is a #CleanTech startup developing the world’s most intelligent #Internet of #Energy (IoE) #electricvehicle charging solution. They connect EV and home batteries with the best computer #intelligence to help users save energy costs, be more efficient and reduce overall energy. Using […]

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Electric Miles signs partnership with Pozitive to help fleet operators reach net zero carbon more quickly

Date – 7th September 2021 Two leading innovators in the energy world are joining forces to develop radical new products to help operators of electric vehicle (EV) fleets cut costs and reduce their carbon footprints. Pozitive Energy and Electric Miles have agreed on a partnership deal and will now work together to bring innovations to […]

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Beta launch day 🚀

Date – 6th August 2021 Today we’re unlocking a new way to charge our users smarter by integrating with the largest car manufacturers in the world. Get in touch to hear how we can support your drivers to charge smarter. Supported car manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Kia, Mini, Nissan, Renault and Tesla

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EM Is Excited To Announce, We Are Invited To Join EV And Energy Taskforce To Help Towards UK's Net Zero Climate Goal

EM Is Excited To Announce, We Are Invited To Join EV And Energy Taskforce To Help Towards UK’s Net Zero Climate Goal

  Date – 30th July 2021 We are delighted to be now a member of this prestigious BEAMA taskforce, appointed by the UK Government. Electric Miles is at the forefront of solving intricate challenges around the adoption of SMART charging, which is now being mandated by the UK Government. We will be giving a lot of real time […]

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Electric Miles helps develop smart grid for system operators and energy suppliers

Date – 28th May 2021 UK Power Networks (UKPN), the Distribution System Operator (DSO), has chosen Electric Miles to help deliver its smart grid that will increase the resilience of the network. UKPN has awarded energy capacity contracts worth £30 million to 17 innovators in the energy, tech and car sector, including Electric Miles, making […]

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The future of EV Smart Charging in standards

Date – 15th March 2021 It’s an exciting time to work in EVs. Consumer sales are up and commercial fleets are incorporating Electric vans and cars. To enable this, governments and companies are investing in charging infrastructure, but this energy revolution is not happening in isolation; it is in conjunction with national grids around the […]

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Intelligent EV Charging - Electric Miles

Is your SMART charging, really SMART?

Date – 26th Jan 2021 Save Money and Frustration While Helping to Save the Environment Electrification of the UK transportation system is on the way and SMART charging can help ensure that both consumers and the nation benefit from this transition. The recent Road to Zero initiative announcement by the government mandates 100% of car […]

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Electric Vehicles Models : What’s coming and when?

Date – 21st November 2020 The government has just announced a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. This news brings the deadline forward a whole ten years sooner than originally expected. Forming part of a new “green industrial revolution” to tackle climate change and generate much needed employment, the government is […]

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Electric Miles welcomes the Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM’s green plan.

Date – 18th November 2020 The ban had been planned for 2040 but has been brought forward by a decade through Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan to tackle climate change. This is tremendous for the EV industry, and we welcome the law for the UK car market, and we will be ready to support millions of […]

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Max Schulz joins as our first American Intern

Today we welcome Max, our first American intern – We are super excited to have you with us 🌎 🚘 🇺🇸 Max is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Advertising with an additional emphasis in marketing. To get to know Max we asked him: What do you find exciting about Electric Miles? […]

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